New Patients

I see new patients at Hill House, this is part of Spire Hospital Norwich Click Here for further information


It is usual for me to confirm my clinical diagnosis with imaging. This may be simple X-ray, ultrasound examination, CT scan or MRI depending on the underlying problem.

X-rays will be performed on site at Hill House if necessary

Other investigations will be arranged and I will review you with the results at a separate clinic appointment (usually within 2 weeks).

These investigations will occour at either Spire Norwich Hospital or at the Global clinic (depending on waiting times). This will be coordinated by Sonia Colbert.

Pre-operative information

Following discussion in clinic you will be offered a date for your surgery

My routine operating lists occur at Spire hospital Norwich but I am able to arrange private lists at the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital

If necessary formal pre-operative anaesthetic assessment will be arranged. 

You need to be 'nil by mouth' for 6 hours before surgery

Click here for information related to your planned operation

Post-operative information

The majority of my surgery is performed as a day-case. Shoulder replacements normally require an overnight stay.

I will specify a particular safe range of movement when I see you post-operatively

You will be seen by a physiotherapist prior to discharge to run through your expected rehab programme

The wound dressings are water-proof but you should refrain from showering for 72 hours after arthroscopic shoulder surgery. Spare dressings will be provided.

I will see you at approximately 2 weeks post-operatively. I use absorbable sutures but the suture ends will be trimmed by a nurse prior to seeing me. 

I will also see you at approximately 6 weeks post operatively

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Physiotherapy Guidelines

Click here for post operative guidelines