Pre-operative Information

Tennis/ Golfer's Elbow

You have been diagnosed with tennis/golfer's elbow.

Surgery for tennis/golfers elbow has limited effectiveness, and I therefore reserve surgery for the most severe cases that have recurred or failed to settle following appropriate therapy. 

Following discussion we have decided that the next sensible step in your case is to perform release of  the affected tendons.

This operation is usually performed as a Daycase with no need for an overnight stay.

It is normally performed under general anaesthetic (with you asleep) 

The operation is performed though a single incision over the affected tendon insertion. It involved release of the tendons; debridement of the bed and then re-attachment of the tendons. 

The procedure takes approximately 30 mins 

Wounds are usually closed with dissolvable stitches

After the operation:

You will see the physiotherapist prior to your discharge. They will show you how to release your arm from the sling and do specific exercises with the arm.

It is important to keep the arm moving within the prescribed safe range. Painkillers should be taken to facilitate this

You will have a follow-up appointment at 2 weeks The stitches will be trimmed prior to seeing Mr Griffiths

You should expect significant recovery by 8 weeks but will continue to recover for 6-9 months

You will be in a bulky dressing for 10-14 days and should restrict loading the arm. Physiotherapy commences as soon as it is comfortable.

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